Music no more

2009-10-08 16:32:52 by Davirus

Well, this is the end of the road. Mostly of you saw this coming: Im not longer into the music stage.

Given a lot of reasons and since i think my music have no comercial use or benefit im leaving this.
Actually I leaved about it 2 years ago but now Im making it official.

Im trying to get back to make music again but I think I have lost the touch...

So, cya...
It was a really amazing and long road, but it ends now.

- David

Recent reviews

2008-05-22 02:17:04 by Davirus

I don't know what the hell is going on with my grammar recently!
Anyway for those I wrote reviews on their songs I have an apologize for those weird wrote reviews with an horrible grammar =P

By the way..
Im trying to make some music but the ideas are not coming ><
Thats mostly the reasong of my delay.

Other thing..
Since I saw "Hostiles 4" became really popular these days Im planning on make a couple of Metal\Industrial songs in a couple of months when I meet with Diego (the guitarist) again.

Have a Nice day everybody.

my FAQ

2008-01-15 13:17:42 by Davirus

Anything related about my music, questions, critics, request... colabs? goes here

> What I use?: FL Studio 7 (I used for 4 years 5v)
> Samples: Just for some extra beat punch, mostly are the same I use in all the songs
> Synths: Vanguard, Synth1 (analog)
> Real: My guitar, my laptop and cookies (no, Im not fat)
> Colabs: Well, I worked in a few colabs years ago, but Im open to anyone who wants help me =3