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Personal criticism

There was a massive improvement on this, but mostly on graphics.

The way the intro shows up really made me think this episode was promising. Dont take me wrong I enjoyed it, but there was some kind on attitude that was missing on this.

For example, this episode makes me wonder "since when satan and leo have such cool relationship?", the first episode made me think both have a stressful relation that makes part of the comedy experience, this episode changed that.

Also, I saw very innovative face emotions.

There was something on this that made me feel uncomfortable while seeing it, still wast very impresive.

I think storyboard should be studied a little more.

Someone said that the most funny part on episode1 was when satan quickly swift his mood, when he suddenly changed from good to bad.
Indeed that was very funny and something that distinguished the "show".

This just had 2 of that changes and where very minimal on importance.

Just a few thoughts.

Aside of all that, the efforts on this deserves 10 points.

You have to be kiding...

Well, the artwork is horrible, gamers user to argue "graphics are not everything", but bad graphics can be compensated by a good story, concept and message, elements this animations do not have.

I will copy something you wrote long time ago, just to remember, the thinks you said should be thinks you also do, "talk" and "do" are two different things.

"The graphics are down, the characters look great. But this is getting into what celebrities end up doing, the old "everyone will love everything i put out because it is me". An experienced animator like yourself should know to never put out something that #1 you don't even think will be good and #2 you spent less than 2 days on. Well I guess people really do like it because it's you, with a 4.17 rating so far, but still I would have liked something that didn't leave me disappointed."

And I will repeat something imoprtant you said:

An experienced animator like yourself should know to never put out something that:
#1 you don't even think will be good
#2 you spent less than 2 days on

I expect you got the point know.

Lets open the mind first and keep the mouth close, ok?

Was... aceptable

Yeah, indeed, "Why in Spanish" ?

The animacion was pretty good, the graphics was uhmm.. average, but the humor was pretty stereotyped from other animations I have seen around here.

The spanish speaking was uhhm... senseless.
I gave you 6/10 since is was enjoyable at certain point, but its nothing new or original annd lacks of quality.

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I have a got a big lulz

and a new song into my favorites!!
Amazing dude!

I lold

This is soo bab that is good!!



Creativity Man, thats all about and this song have a lot of it =3
Congrats! :D

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