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Multimedia Designer, from freelancer, to employee, to creative director and back again to freelancing, I do music each time I can do.

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my FAQ

Posted by Davirus - January 15th, 2008

Anything related about my music, questions, critics, request... colabs? goes here

> What I use?: FL Studio 7 (I used for 4 years 5v)
> Samples: Just for some extra beat punch, mostly are the same I use in all the songs
> Synths: Vanguard, Synth1 (analog)
> Real: My guitar, my laptop and cookies (no, Im not fat)
> Colabs: Well, I worked in a few colabs years ago, but Im open to anyone who wants help me =3

Comments (5)

Woah, I just listened to your latest, and I'm really impressed. :D I already left a HUGE review on another song, though... so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to get yours! >:)

Commenting again - sorry if I got you excited but I had homework all night tonight. :\ Hopefully I'll get to your song tomorrow. I should, it's Friday! :P

Third comment on your post, and it has nothing to do with it! :D

Just reviewed your latest submission, give it a look if you like. :)

HI! Karco, sorry for the LOOONG delay on replying x3
I have been out from music and newgrounds for a while since I started to work as graphic designer.

Anyway I got some free time now, and I totally loved you review! thanks a lot, and thanks for keep in touch!

Hey dude, your songs are cool. I also make techno songs, only i use Techno Ejay 4. I was wonderin, what is your favorite techno song that you have made?

Hi there!
I only used T-Ejay for 1 week for create some samples, anyway, its really funny with play with it, you can get nice sounds there.

Actually a favorite song of mine... uhhmmm...
My favorite remixex:
> Mute City - Techno Mix
> C&C: Mechanical Man Remix

My favorite experiments:
> Against the Synth
> Gift (remake)
> Hostiles 4

My favorite guitar songs:
> Fifth - The Metal Trench
> Metal 1 - Experimental Song

My favorite old songs:
> OldSkool Album - Hostiles III
> OldSkool Album - Ningyo

Anyway, its just about personal tastes xD
People loved:
> Toby Falling - Remix!
> Golden Sun - Battle Remix
> Gift (remake)
> Rave Gift


i love that music you have done about goldensun but in remix
men...you are a pro and i give to you my congratulations.