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This song make me feel something! you are a genius! only few songs make me feel somthing!!

Great convination with the instruments, and great synth lead...

just GREAT!

Trance Yeah!

Im not a Trance guy. Anyway I started to like this genre 3 years ago since I hear "Point of Departure" by Necros.

Your song have a nice style. Someworks in the synths but still good.
The FL keys, have a great sound with that delay, nice!

Anyway,it see you used the presetts, but I will judge that. This sounds really great!.
BTW, try to do more softly the fade out :3

Thats all, great song!

bjoaierjbioaerjgoerj responds:

glad you like it


Well done!
But given that this is a Remix and I havent hear ( and I dont see the way to find it) the original song I gave you 8 in originality.

Anyway,give the great variety of sounds and changes I have to say that this song its Awsome!

Feel lucky I dont use say that everydays n_n

OK, it isnt too bad.

Ok, this isnt the first time I heard something like this.Everyone start from something.

Im still listening my songs that I did with FL3.5 cuz Im pruod of them, but isnt the point!. This can be a great song, just try the next:

1.- Using Delays and Reverbs you can add a kind of "Depth" that make the sound more "amazing"

2.- Flangers, distortions and Compressors can help to make the sound more dynamic.

3.- Try to use filters to fade in and fade out diferents sounds.

And play with the syths, I dont suggest use Presetts all the time. Anyway, This song sound really monotony and repetitive.

Still improving!

Spikrodd responds:

im sorry, but... what?

what are delays and reverbs?

and flangers, distortions, and compressors?

and how do i come up with a filter, or filters?

help, and ill give you a shiny new nickel!

Ok, it isnt too bad.

Ok,Im shure you can do it better. First, try to add some effects like delays and reverbs, this sound too flat to me, two the song its very short, try to add an intro, a heavy part, a calm part and return heavy but diferent, this can help you to dont reach the monotomy, changing the main pitch (try that the drums dont see afected) can give a feeling of change. Anyway the synths sound really flat.
BTW, berfore you want kill me. A background String help a lot as well n_n

I call this: Creativity!!

Omg, this is an amazing song! Ive to say that your synths need little improvement, of course, Sytrus (atleast I guess), that piano pieze its awsome!. I could glad if you want to make a song with me, I mean, I planed to do a remix of this, but I need a midi file (or the flp but Im not shure you want).

Ever you want do that of course! Im not saying that I can do something better, just a little and personal touch, lol.

Great song! keep improving!


Awsome piece here! I loke how you handle the voice in all the song without make the hate monotomy :D
anyway, I think that you nee improve your synths, the drums are very dinamyc and have nice changes!

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